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10 of the World's Deadliest Plants — And How They Kill You9) Nerium oleander (aka Oleander)
This shrub is one of the most dangerous on the list, which is bizarre on account of how widely it's used as a decorative shrub. This bush pops up in parks, schools, and back yards all over the country, especially in the southern and western regions of the US. And while it might be nice to look at, don't go chewing on any part of it — its leaves, flowers, and fruit all contain chemicals known as as cardiac glycosides, which, while therapeutic in precise doses, can put you into cardiac arrest if ingested unsystematically.
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Do you have a Nerium Horror story?

Looking for pics and anti-testimonials...this is much more helpful with pictures.
I did find a few. I will share a coupe I found on the internet:
Michelleon  said:
I’m a skeptic! A friend of mine wanted me to attend a meeting with her regarding Nerium AD, I did not have the time so she gave me a bottle to try for seven days and if I liked it, $120.00 and it could be mine. Nice profit margin to dole out to a friend. Anyway, I did not notice any results and starting getting these hard bumps and stopped using this product.
I let my friend know it was not working and will also share this article with her.
Thanks for the good investigative work.
  • Jessica Powellon said:
    It did not work for me either and the person that got me to but it deletes my comments when I post it does not work and some of the pictures are not the same person.


NERIUMGATE-Well I think you readers should have a look at this article...
UPDATE:  Nerium International refuses to answer key questions about the science, and uses Watergate style bullying tactics to try to silence critics. Honest reviews,  not sales pitches disguised as truth.  What does  nerium oleander science reveal?  Is Nerium AD safe or actually harmful? THE  NERIUMGATE SCANDAL  —>
ORIGINAL POST  (June 17, 2012) : In the last installment, we raised some red flags about the newest fad to hit the internet, and everywhere else commerce is practiced – Nerium.  Today we are going to explore the MD Anderson Cancer center connection,  the early testimonials (from places not owned by Nerium Distributors), and the whole world of MLM and what it means for those involved.............

Although I don't agree with some of the statements about MLM in general, I do believe the research that has been done into investigating the claims and propaganda Nerium makes. I make no statements about Nerium itself. YOU DECIDE!

Nerium -Facts or FICTION?

I was recently invited to take a look at the Nerium Opportunity by trying the product. Upon trying the product with ZERO results, I decided to investigate further. Stay tuned to this blog and you will see what I have discovered.
If you don't believe me, do your own's all there! All I did was search around the internet and found some Very Interesting Information about the MD Anderson research on Nerium product !!!
Wow! Are you surprised?
Here is a question: After reading this article about the research from MD Anderson, do you think maybe Dr. Newman was paid by Nerium to make the video? Nah..... 
I will be supplying links to articles I have found all over the internet which seem to be completely opposite to what Nerium claims; both on their website and by Nerium leaders and officials in the company, which will go unnamed by me.
This blog is intended to be unsubjective and the only information I will be posting, is the information I have found in other places which seems to prove that the company provides a lot of hype and this product NERIUM, really has no place in today's market. YOU DECIDE!